Commerce stream students are also eligible to pursue

In this article, we will look at some top courses that twelfth passed Commerce stream understudies may do subsequent to passing twelfth board examination. I’ve recorded occupation situated courses here. Course term points of interest additionally have been given in the article. In the event that you are a Commerce stream understudy, this rundown will be of much use to you! If it’s not too much trouble experience the full rundown and pick a course that suits you shrewdly! Career options after 12th commerce

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Beat courses to do after twelfth Commerce-

Subtle elements of 12 great courses to do after twelfth Commerce

1 B.Com.

2 Law

3 C.A. (Sanctioned Accountancy)

4 B.B.A.

5 Bachelor of Economics

6 C.S. (Organization Secretary) course

7 Hospitality Diploma courses

8 Animation and Multimedia Courses

9 Journalism and Mass Communication

10 Event Management course

11 Fashion Design and Technology

12 Hotel Management

13 Bachelor of Statistics

14 Actuarial Science

15 C.M.A.

what to do after twelfth Commerce

Is it true that you are confounded?


courses to do after twelfth Commerce stream

Here are some top courses that one may do after twelfth Commerce-

B.Com.– remains for Bachelor of Commerce. For the most part a 3 years in length course.

B.B.A.– remains for Bachelor of Business Administration. 3 years in length course.

B.M.S.– remains for Bachelor of Management Science. 3 years in length course.

C.A.– remains for Chartered Accountancy. Term relies on upon how you take preparing and clear exams.

Coordinated Law course. Span is 5 years. It is a mix of General Graduation course and L.L.B.

B.B.S.– remains for Bachelor of Business Studies. Course span is 3 years.

B.H.M.– remains for Bachelor of Hotel Management. Course span is 4 years.

B.E.– remains for Bachelor of Economics. Course span is 3 years.

B.F.A.– remains for Bachelor of Finance and Accounting. Course span is 3 years.

B.C.A.– remains for Bachelor of Computer Applications. Course term is 3 years.

B.Sc. Connected Mathematics. Course term is 3 years.

B.Sc. Insights. Course length is 3 years.

B.M.M.– remains for Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Media. Course term is 3 years.

B.Sc. Movement and Multimedia. Course length is 3 years.

B.E.M.– remains for Bachelor of Event Management. Course term is 3 years.

B.F.D.– remains for Bachelor of Fashion Design. Course term is 3-4 years.

B.El.Ed.– remains for Bachelor of Elementary Education. Course length is 4 years.

B.P.Ed.– remains for Bachelor of Physical Education. Course length is 1 year.

D.El.Ed.– remains for Diploma in Elementary Education. Course length is by and large 2 years.

B.SW.– remains for Bachelor of Social Work. Course length is 3 years.

Those were some top proficient courses that one may do after twelfth Commerce tutoring. It would be ideal if you take note of that all courses have not been recorded in the above rundown. Some professional, Diploma and additionally Certificate level courses have not been specified.

In the event that you are keen on point by point examination of some great and significant expert courses that one may seek after twelfth Commerce tutoring, the following area will be of much utilize. In the following area, I’ve recorded and investigated some extremely mainstream and in addition intriguing courses, which offer god work scope, as well as will help one scale up profession stepping stool easily!


1 B.COM.

B.Com. remains for Bachelor of Commerce. This is a course that most twelfth Commerce stream understudies seek after in the wake of tutoring! What’s more, there are many reasons why this course is so well known. As a matter of first importance, the level of scholastic trouble related with this course is not very high. That implies it is generally simple to go exhaustive B.Com. program and acquire a Degree.

Another favorable position is that it permits understudies to wander on to different fields. It is one such course, subsequent to doing which, one may go for other occupation situated courses, for example, M.B.A., Vocational courses, Skill arranged courses and so forth.

There are number of Private and additionally Government Institutes offering B.Com. programs all through India! In this way, finding a College and seat won’t be excessively troublesome an errand for twelfth passed Commerce stream understudies! This, as indicated by me, is another favorable position that B.Com. course offers.

With regards to B.Com., course length is 3 years. After its fruition, understudies may go for M.Com., which is Masters program. M.Com. will take 2 years to finish. After B.Com.- M.Com., one may effectively land a position in instructing area.

Other than that, there are various openings for work for B.Com. graduates in Private and Government segments. There are numerous Government work posts for which B.Com. graduates may apply. Also, there are numerous bookkeeping, fund and representative posts accessible in Private organizations, for which B.Com. graduates may apply.

Essential subjects display in B.Com. course-

Financial matters




PC Applications and IT

Business Regulatory Framework

Organization Laws

Corporate Accounting

Wage Tax

Business Communications

Business Environment

Administration Accounting



Human Resource Management

Keeping money and Insurance

Those were some principle subjects educated in B.Com. program. It would be ideal if you take note of that many subjects gets rehashed in every semester. Additionally, numerous elective subjects are likewise present if there should be an occurrence of every semester. If there should arise an occurrence of B.Com. (Respects) program, practicing opportunity is additionally present, where understudies may choose a specific Discipline and spend significant time in it!


Normally, just Graduates are permitted to seek after L.L.B. Yet, because of new standards, it is likewise workable for twelfth Commerce understudies to seek after Law course from Law schools subsequent to tutoring.

In any case, to do as such, they should choose an incorporated Law course! Such incorporated courses endures 5 years. These Integrated courses are mix of a Degree course and conventional L.L.B. course. For instance B.Com. furthermore, L.L.B./B.A. also, L.L.B. and so forth.

Discussing openings for work, one may take up employment in any law office toward the start. Slowly, one may start up all alone private practice, begin a counseling firm or even begin a claim law office!

Essential subjects introduce in Law Courses-

Sacred Laws

Property Laws

Managing an account Laws

Ecological Laws

Organization Laws

Shopper Protection Laws

Family Laws

Work and Industrial Laws

Human Rights laws

Authoritative Laws

Open International Laws

Those were some vital subjects educated amid L.L.B. program (Integrated or Regular). Aside from the hypothetical subjects, general Moot Court sessions are likewise held all through the program. A few subjects will continue rehashing all through various semesters.

3 C.A. (Sanctioned ACCOUNTANCY)

C.A. remains for Chartered Accountant. Employment of a C.A. is to see to it that the money related undertakings of organizations and organizations are as per the laws set by Government specialists. Their assignments incorporate investigating charge issues, investigate money related exchanges through evaluating, making essential reports and so forth.

To end up distinctly a C.A., one needs to effectively entire Chartered Accountancy course and turn into an individual from ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India).

If there should be an occurrence of twelfth Commerce passed understudies, they may begin off by applying for CPT (Common Proficiency Test). This test oversaw by ICAI.

When CPT is cleared, understudies need to show up for C.A. Bury course. Subsequent to finishing C.A. Entomb exam and doing Information Technology Training Course, one may show up for C.A. End of the year test!

In the wake of clearing the last, most decisive test, one is said to have finished Chartered Accountancy test and turn into a C.A.! Concentrate required in getting to be C.A. is extreme. Be that as it may, in the meantime, the profession prospects are energizing!

Subsequent to turning into a C.A., one may take up positions identified with Finance division in Private organizations and additionally Government Enterprises. Subsequent to increasing some understanding, one may likewise begin working autonomously, offering discussion benefits and in addition working as a private reviewer who might be procured by organizations and organizations!

Imperative subjects exhibit in Chartered Accountancy program-


Financial aspects

Tax collection

Impose Laws


Business Laws

Budgetary Management

Business Communication

Corporate Laws

4 B.B.A.

B.B.A. remains for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a 3 years in length Degree course. After fulfillment, one may likewise line it up with a M.B.A. (Ace of Business Administration) Degree as well!

After B.B.A., one may get administrative employments in private part. Despite the fact that occupations are accessible for B.B.A. graduates in Government division, the private part offers more open doors! Numerous MNCs enroll capable B.B.A. graduates to manage administration and fund related posts.

Critical subjects display in B.B.A. program-

Money related Management


Financial matters

Human Resource Management



Business Communications

Business abilities

Aside from the previously mentioned subjects, B.B.A. understudies additionally have elective subjects to pick, in view of the range in which they need to practice! A few subjects will continue rehashing all through the program’s diverse semesters.


Why I specified this course here is that Commerce stream understudies will discover it generally simpler to manage B.Economics. or, then again B.A. Financial aspects. Subsequent to finishing this course (which endures 3 years), one may find occupations in private and also Government area.

There are numerous Government posts, which B.A. Financial aspects graduates are qualified to apply for! What’s more, in private part, organizations procure graduates to take up presents related on back what to do after 12th commerce with maths

Essential subjects display in B.Economics. program-

Rural Economics

Large scale Economics

Standards of Economics

Indian Economics


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